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Everything you need to know about Dianabol

Everything you need to know about Dianabol

If you want to look and feel stronger within an affordable rate, you may look out for steroids. Even when you have been in bodybuilding for long, the right steroid can help you make bulkier. Most of these steroids are easily available in the market. Dianabol is one of the most prominent types of steroids that can help you get bulkier. 

What is Dianabol? 

Dianabol is an oral form of active Testosterone, mostly aimed at enhancing performance capability. Most of the bodybuilders and athletes around the world have been using Dianabol to bring about an overall development in their performance. 

Often athletes compare the consumption of Dianabol to that of getting wings. Dianabol are small pink pills that will help you become bulky. Due to such power enhancement capabilities, Dianabol has become extensively popular among people around the world. 

Although Dianabol can help in muscle gain, abusing it can prove to be harmful to the body. Therefore, its consumption is restricted in many countries. In India, Dianabol is banned and considered an illegal steroid. 

Benefits of Dianabol

Dianabol can prove to be great if taken in limited amounts. Potential benefits include

  • Better strength

Dianabol can help you gain strength in a very short span of time. This steroid improving strength, makes you feel less fatigued even after a high-intensity workout. As a result, opting for steroid replacement such as Diana-10 by RawRage can be of great help. 

  • Improved performance

Dianabol can play an important role in increasing the red blood cell count. The increased blood count can help in improving overall performance. This is usually because the body gets sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen. 

  • Burns fat

Apart from improving physique, Dianabol can also help in burning body fat. This will help in muscle gain and a ripped body within a short time. The free testosterone level of Dianabol is necessary for boosting metabolism. 

Dosage Guide

Depending on your physique, you may prefer consuming Dianabol pills from 10-30mg. You should keep this limited for 40 days and then increase as per requirement.


Bodybuilders are aware of the side-effects of Dianabol. As a result, you can opt for the steroid alternative from RawRage. Some of the negative effects of Dianabol include

  • Dianabol consumption increases the risk of gynecomastia with your breasts becoming sensitive. 
  • Dianabol leads to bloating and water retention which can make you look bloated. 
  • Since Dianabol is for oral consumption, it can be toxic for the liver. 
  • Excessive consumption of Dianabol can give way to acne and oily skin since it is an androgenic drug. 

To avoid side-effects, you can consume Diana-10 from RawRage. This steroid will not only boost your muscle growth but will also strengthen the bone density. Diana-10 consists a fair dosage of boron citrate that can increase testosterone of body but will also protect against vitamin D deficiency and oxidative stress. 

Why use steroid alternative Diana-10?

Well, compared to Dianabol, Diana-10 is not at all harmful for the body. RawRage’s Diana-10 is extremely affordable and healthy too. The pills contain 50mg enzyme dose which helps to improve digestion by boosting stomach health. It is sold in the market after testing all the legal procedures. Hence, you shouldn’t be expecting any harm to your health. If you have been considering to consume Dianabol, you might as well use the steroid replacement, Diana-10 from RawRage. To purchase Diana-10 click here.

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  1. When i use diana 10 and anaver so pct is compulsory ? Or not ?

    1. Completely natural products. No PCT Required.

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