You are currently viewing Mk677 – HGH in a capsule!
Mk677 – HGH in a capsule!

Mk677 – HGH in a capsule!

If you are a professional athlete, and you haven’t gotten on the SARMS train, boy you are missing out.

And the latest SARM that is taking the fitness world by storm is Mk677, a wonder product that gives you all the benefits of growth hormones without any of the side effects

What is Mk677?

MK-677 is a compound known as a growth hormone secretagogue. This compound promotes and increases the growth hormone that your body naturally provides.

MK-677 has previously been known as Ibutamoren, Ibutamoren Mesylate, and Nutrobal. If you hear these other titles, they are used interchangeably.

Very few supplements raise growth hormone levels, but MK-677 contains a special compound that increases growth hormone levels as well as the insulin-like growth factor.

MK-677 provides these growth hormone improvements without some of the testosterone side-effects that normally accompany this type of supplement. It is a product that comes in the category known as SARMS.

It is completely non-steroidal in nature, which means that even completely clean bodybuilders can take it without any issues.

Mk677 vs HGH

In simple words, MK677 can be described as an oral version of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) or GH (Growth Hormone). What makes Mk677 better than HGH is that you can consume it in the form of a tablet or a pill.

Traditionally, growth hormones have always needed to be injected into the body. This has often led to unwanted side effects.

To untrained ears, it might sound like MK-677 and HGH are the same types of products. They do promote the same functions and work very similarly. The primary difference to be noted is that Mk677 does not need to be injected and provides you with almost no side effects.

Can you use Testosterone and Mk677 together?

Yes, you can use both testosterone and Growth Hormone at the same time to help improve muscle growth.

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