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What is Rad 140

Rad 140 (Testosterone) is often referred to us the most powerful SARMs. you can’t really compare Rad 140 to any other SARMs, it is much more effective than compounds.

Why To Use RAD 140

  • RAD140 can somewhat give you similar benefits as comparing it with other steroids like Testosterone And Trenbolone.
  • In this world, there are many fitness Athletes who fear injecting themselves quite often that’s why they go for an easy option to get this salt/compound’s benefit by consuming it in tablet form.

Benefits Of Using RAD140

  • Strength:- When you consume RAD140 you start noticing that your strength levels begin to spike up. It has been seen that they feel the strength from day one onwards which gradually keeps on increasing day by day.
  • Lean Gaining:- RAD140 SARM is seen in increasing the good amount of muscle mass in a human’s body.

Get Free GW501516

What Is GW501516?

GW501516 is generally referred to as Cardarine which was first developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline company. GW501516 comes in the category of SARM(Selective Androgen Receptor Module Simulators) which is non Steroidal. This SARM acts as a PPAR agonist which reduces bad cholesterol i.e. LDL(Low-density lipoprotein) and triglycerides which is oxidized and thus giving you the benefits of fat loss. It is a greater cutting salt/compound which is only used for losing fat/losing weight.
You can add this to your lifestyle if your goal is to cut down/shred down fat.

Why To Use GW501516

  • GW501516 can exactly give you similar benefits as comparing it with other cutting steroids and medicines like taking testosterone, clenbuterol, or even Masteron.
  • Many fitness Athletes in day to day lives fear from injecting themselves quite often that’s why they go for an easy option to get this salt/compound’s benefit by consuming it in tablet form.

Who Can Use GW501516

  •  GW501516 can be used by both men and women. men GW501516 helps you in shedding down the maximum amount of fat and also this SARM can increase endurance and stamina in men.
  • In Women, this SARM gives you the same benefits as men by losing water weight and also helps to achieve the benefits of losing fat or for reducing body weight in quite amounts from the body. It’s been noticed and seen that women who take this SARM get the boost up properties of both endurance and stamina.

When To Take GW501516

  • This popular SARM is used only for cutting fat in drastic and extreme amount. So, let’s see the below-mentioned dosages to get this SARMs benefit. FATLOSS
  • There’s no such indifference in timings of this SARM for fat loss, but taking an empty stomach in morning 10mg and taking pre/before workout 10mg-20mg can gives you the significant results of fat loss. For women, 10mg dose would give them the satisfaction results of fat loss/weight loss.

How To Take GW501516

  • Rawrage Enhancement makes GW501516 by binding exact 10mg salt/compound in capsules.
  • So, to get desirable results from this SARM GW501516, we recommend you to consume 10-30mg of this magical and powerful cutting Performance Enhancer.

Exercise Protocol In GW501516

Fat Loss and Weight Loss:- When you plan that you are convinced to try this SARM for cutting fat from your body or to lose a good amount of excess body weight from your body, then your workout pattern is like following a follow-up pattern of performing more sets with more than 25 repetitions. The use of techniques like _Supersets, Drop sets, or even Slow Negatives_ will give you Maximum and Satisfaction results.

Required Diet Protocol In GW501516

  • When you are using GW501516 for getting the benefit of the adequate and maximum amount of fat loss to a greater extent, you better make sure that you consume fewer calories than your maintenance calories i.e. Calorie Deficit. This will be followed when you consume this SARM.
  • The use of proteins in your diet is more beneficial because the more protein you consume, the more protein synthesis you run in your body, and thus you retain more nitrogen balance. You better make sure that you consume good quality proteins in your diet so that your muscles get retained and you are not in a state to lose build up muscle mass.
  • Another beneficial thing in your diet can be consuming carbohydrates in less and lower amounts to cut excess fat or body weight. The more you cut carbohydrates from your diet, the less insulin spikes will be seen in the body and thus you have very little chance of fat deposition.
  •  To get this SARMs benefit, your macronutrient ratio split should be as consuming 70% protein 20% fats and 10% carbohydrates.
  • The use of fiber-rich foods in the Maximum amount will give you more better digestion and more significant results of fat loss or weight loss.
  • GW501516 will be more beneficial in achieving results, only when it’s used in combination of  following a KETO DIET, CARB CYCLING or even LOW CARB DIET.

Benefits Of Using GW501516

  • To Increase Fat Loss Mechanism:- When you dose yourself with GW501516, you start noticing that you become a fat loss machine. You start losing fat and weight from 1st week onwards.
    Many users have reported that they start to see the benefit of this SARM from 3-4 days onwards
  • High Endurance and Stamina:- When you take this SARM, you start to notice that your endurance and stamina levels begin to elevate. This will help you in performing your cardio sessions for longer durations.
  • NON-Liver Toxic:- You will not get any issues in your liver profile when you consume this SARM. Many fitness Athletes presented that it is safe in terms of liver and if still its causing toxicity you can take _Liv52, Liv52DS, Milk Thistle, or even Silymarin_.
  • Increases Your Bad Cholesterol:- I .e.LDL(low-Density Lipo Protein) GW501516 generally improves your bad cholesterol levels by increasing your HDL(High-Density Lipo Protein) i.e. generally your good cholesterol.
  • No Estrogenic Properties:- It’s been found and researched that this SARM doesn’t convert to estrogen, so gynecomastia is not possible in using this SARM.


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