LGD 4033 l Sarms for Ultimate Lean Cutting l 90 Capsules

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Warning: All SARMs sold by RawRage is for Research & Lab purposes.

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Warning: All SARMs sold by RawRage is for Research & Lab purposes only.

👉 What Is LGD4033?

  •  LGD4033 is generally referred to as Ligandrol and Anabolicum which was first discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals company.
  • LGD4033 comes in the category of SARM(Selective Androgen Receptor Module Simulators) which is non-Steroidal.
  •  The Magical thing about this compound/salt is it’s used for both _Bulking_ as well as for _Cutting_.


👉 Why To Use LGD4033?

  • 1. LGD4033 can somewhat give you a similar Benefit as comparing it with other bulking steroids like Test E (Testosterone Enanthate) and Deca Durabolin.
  •  Many fitness Athletes fear injecting themselves quite often that’s why they go for an easy option to get this salt/compound’s benefit by consuming it in tablet form.


👉 Who Can Use LGD4033?

  •  LGD4033 can be used by both _Men and Women_.
  •  Men LGD4033 can build lean muscle mass by shredding quite amounts of fat and also this SARM can increase strength in men by 1st week onwards.
  • In Women, LGD4033 can also build a satisfying amount of lean muscle mass and strength capacity as compared to men.


👉 When To Take LGD4033?

  •  As we know this magical SARM is used for both cutting fat and building lean muscle mass, so let’s see this in the mentioned below points.
    Taking LGD4033 10mg after breakfast and 10mg before/pre-workout will do the required job for Athletes by giving them satisfying gaining results. Many Athletes take up to 20mg pre/before a workout by gradually taking an overall dose of 30mg in the day which can give you the same benefits with this SARM.
  • FAT LOSS:-
    There’s no such indifference in timings of this SARM for fat loss, but taking an empty stomach in morning 10mg and taking pre/before workout 10mg-20mg can give you the significant results of fat loss.


👉 How To Take LGD4033?

  •  Rawrage Enhancement makes LGD4033 by binding salts in a 10mg capsule.
  •  So, to get desirable results from this SARM we recommend you to consume a 10-30mg capsule of this magical Performance Enhancer.

👉 Exercise Protocol In LGD4033?

  •  For Building Great Amount Of Muscle Mass:-
    Whenever you opt to consume LGD4033 for gaining, we recommend you make up a proper mindset of doing more sets with fewer repetitions and also performing intense workouts in the gym. You can have a proper workout protocol so that your muscles get pumped up and you feel sore after the gym. A well-made pattern of performing _Supersets/Drop and Giant Sets_would better be taken into consideration.
  • For Losing Gud Amounts Of Fat:-
    When you are very eager to use this magical SARM for cutting fat from your body then your workout pattern is like performing sets with more than 15 repetitions. The use of techniques like _Supersets and Drop Sets_ can give you a greater advantage in losing tons of fat.


👉 Required Diet Protocol In LGD4033?

  •  When you use this SARM for Lean Gaining, you better make sure that you are consuming calories more than your maintenance calories i.e. going with the concept of _Calorie Surplus_.
  •  When you are using LGD4033 for getting the benefit of adequate fat loss, you better make sure that you consume fewer calories than your maintenance calories i.e. _Calorie Deficit_
  •  The use of proteins in your diet is more beneficial because the more protein you consume, the more protein synthesis you run in your body, and thus you retain more nitrogen.
  •  Another beneficial thing in your diet can be consuming carbohydrates in a high amount to gain and consuming carbs in a lesser amount to cut down fat.
  •  For gaining your macronutrient ratio split should be Protein- 60% Carbohydrates- 30% and Fats- 10%.
    For cutting, your macronutrient ratio should be 70% protein 20% fats and 10% carbs.


👉 Benefits Of Using LGD4033?

    When you consume LGD4033 you start noticing that your strength levels spike up.
    Many users have reported that they feel the strength from day one onwards.
    Consuming this SARM
    will result in a significant rise in muscle mass.
  •  FAT LOSS:-Consuming this SARM for cutting down fat is also a good option to reach an individual’s goal.
  • It has been seen and noticed that LGD4033 also gives you the properties of healing from caused injuries.
  • No Estrogen Conversion:-
    Its been found that this SARM doesn’t convert to estrogen, so gyno is not possible in using LGD4033.


👉 Dark Side/Side Effects/Androgenic Properties Of Using LGD4033?

  •  Your testosterone levels drop to a mild extent by using this SARM.
  •  A mini Post Cycle Therapy will help you in recovery.

👉 Post Cycle Therapy Of LGD4033?

  •  use Of SERMS (Selective Estrogen Receptor Module Simulators) like NOLVADEX (Tamoxifen Citrate) and CLOMID (Clomiphene Citrate) is used as optional in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
  •  To gain maximum benefits and counter any side of side effects by using this SARM, then ON-CYCLE SUPPORT by Rawrage Enhancement will give you each by every ingredient to reduce or minimize the side effects.
  •  ON-CYCLE SUPPORT is packed with testosterone support, Liver support, Bone Support, Estrogen blockers, antioxidants, and many more.

👉 LGD4033 Is Stacked With?

  •  For Gaining LGD4033 is stacked with RAD140(Testolone)/MK677(Nutrobol) to gain maximum benefits
  • .For Cutting LGD4033 is best stacked with GW501516(Cardarine)/MK2866(Ostarine).
  • You can also buy Bulking, Cutting, Lean Gaining stacks by Rawrage Enhancement which is available for any type of users in

👉 Is LGD4033 Legal?

  • 1″LGD4033 can be sold for research and educational purposes and is available all around the globe. Rawrage Enhancements offer a wide range of SARMs including ligandrol for such researches.”
  • In this present generation, we can easily identify that SARMs can be sold as researched chemicals. Rawrage Enhancement mention in their label as “Use Only For Research Purposes.
  • Raw Materials are imported and are manufactured in industries of Rawrage Enhancement

👉 Summary

You can lots of benefit by using LGD4033 if you using it in proper form and thus avoiding abusing. It’s best to be on the same side so that your minimum the risk of potential side effects.

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11 reviews for LGD 4033 l Sarms for Ultimate Lean Cutting l 90 Capsules

  1. Sanjeet

    I have consumed 2 bottles results are pretty amazing. Now buying one more #whateverittakes

  2. Rohit khatri

    best for fat burning and cutting

  3. Anhad singh

    Good for fat loss and lean gain , noticed slight increase in strength also. Have not faced any test suppression but yes test booster and nolvadex is must after you finish off cycle. Stack it with Rad 140 for best results and PCT for 4 weeks

  4. Rajveer Thakur

    This is my favourite SARM because it gives me both cutting of fat and some gains as well, i always pair it with RAD 140 and oh man the results are best.

    I’ll be honest sometimes i do over dose and I’m yet to see any major side effects, so if u dose 2-3 tabs per day each youll be fine..

    Have used this cycle for 1 month and i go 1 month off then again, it’s works best for me and better than keep buying expensive steroids (whihc r mostly fake) or using expensive Supplments…

    Till now im happy with rawrage 5/5

  5. Rajiv

    Good for burning and gaining at same time must be added to ur training routine I just took 20 mg of LGD4033 and I just got my changed physic within a month plz keep the same quality would try other sarms as well

  6. Aman Singh

    I was a fan of enhanced Athlete SARMs😅 but i thought to try lgd of rawrage and waooo guys it’s literally superb
    Quality- 4.5/5
    Will suggest my frnds to go for rawrage

  7. Rajib

    Waoooooooo maza agya yrr kya tha ye? Apne dosto ko bhi recommend kardy hai jo log bolte hai chutiya brand hai wo log use kare fir pata chalega kitna mast hai ye

  8. Ayush

    Best sarm Supplement in cheap rates.
    Running 2 nd cycle now

  9. Rizwan

    Bhaiyo aap believe nhi karoge main enhanced Athlete SARMs use karta tha 6 months se, maine socha chalo Indian sarms ek baar dekhta hu jaise hi 12 din huye mera muscle badna start hogya tha aur mera energy ekdum upar gya.

  10. Rahat

    Extreme results achieved while i was preparing it for competition.
    Loved this.guys check insta i want to purchase in bulk

  11. Rajiv

    Never thought lgd4033 of rawrage brand will satisfy me extremely.
    Loved their product
    Recently buyed pro athlete stack from their official site.

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