MK-677 l Sarms for Ultimate Lean Gaining l 90 Capsules

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Warning: All SARMs sold by RawRage is for Research & Lab purposes.

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Warning: All SARMs sold by RawRage is for Research & Lab purposes only.

👉 What Is MK677?

  •  MK677 comes in the category of SARMs and is non-steroidal.
  •  In simple words, we can generally say MK677 is an oral version of the injectible Form Of HGH(Human Growth Hormone)/GH(Growth Hormone).
  •  It generally acts as a GH Secretagogue. It signals Our Master Gland i.e. pituitary gland to secrete more GH in our body.

👉 Why To Use MK677?

  •  As we know that in this present era athletes are fond of using tabs rather than injecting themselves.
  •  Many people are comfortable consuming GH in oral form by getting tons of benefits. Some of the Athletes fear injections so they find an easy way i.e. to consume tabs of HGH.

👉 Benefits Of Using MK677?

  •  The benefits of using oral MK677 is quite similar to using an injectable HGH.
  •  One of the most beneficial aspects we can see by using MK677 is that it increases the good amount of lean muscle mass in the body of Athletes while shredding fat at the same time.
  • MK677 is loaded with tons of Anabolic properties compared to fewer side effects.
  •  This SARM gives pretty much similar results by increasing IGF-1 and GHRH in men.
    IGF_ Insulin-Like Growth Factor
    GHRH_ Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone
  •  The sleeping protocol of a person is improved when he consumes MK677

👉 Dark Side/Side Effects/Androgenic Properties Of MK677?

  •  The Androgenic Properties of using MK677 is generally stomach distress when used in high dosages.

👉 Post Cycle Therapy Of MK677?

  • 1. MK677 interferes neither with your HPTA(Hypothalamus Pituitary Testicular Axis) and nor it suppresses or lowers your natural testosterone production. So, PCT of MK677 is not required.
  •  To gain maximum benefits and counter any side of side effects by using this SARM, then ON-CYCLE SUPPORT by Rawrage Enhancement will give you each by every ingredient to reduce or minimize the side effects.
  •  ON-CYCLE SUPPORT is packed with testosterone support, Liver support, Bone Support, Estrogen blockers, antioxidants, and many more.

👉 Dosing With MK677?

  •  To gain good results of MK677 is generally taken in 20mg doses.
  •  Many Athletes consume up to 30mg dosage tp get huge and positive benefits.

👉 Stacking MK677 With Other SARMs?

  •  MK677 can easily be stacked with all the other types of SARMs. We generally know to get more desired results stacking is the best option.
  •  For Gaining MK677 can be stacked with RAD140(Testolone), LGD4033(Ligandrol), MK2866(Ostarine), and YK11(Yucomoporis)
  •  For cutting MK677 is stacked with LGD4033, MK2866 and S4(Andarine)
  •  You can also buy Bulking, Cutting, Lean Gaining stacks by Rawrage Enhancement which is available for any type of users in

👉 CYCLE length Of MK677?

  •  MK677 can be run by Athletes up to 8 weeks followed by 4 weeks off.
  •  You may go up to 12 weeks followed by 8 weeks off.

👉 Is MK677 Legal?

  •  MK677 can be sold for research and educational purposes and is available all around the globe. Rawrage Enhancements offer a wide range of SARMs including Nutrobol for such researches.”
  •  Raw Materials are imported and are manufactured in industries of Rawrage Enhancement


1. MK677 comes with lots of Anabolic properties compared to less androgenic properties.
2. If MK677 is dosed under the given form then you may gain a lot of benefits from this SARM. We all know abusing SARMs Or Steroids will raise your risk of potential side effects.

Warning: All SARMs sold by RawRage is for Research & Lab purposes.

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21 reviews for MK-677 l Sarms for Ultimate Lean Gaining l 90 Capsules

  1. Rahul kumar

    Perfect results and great gains just in 2-3 weeks

  2. Rajan

    It’s my second month.. Happy with my progress.

  3. Neetesh Saraswat

    1 capsule kitne mg ka hai

  4. Sarvesh

    Bhahut ache results hain..

  5. Aryan

    Great Quality. Have used EA MK677 before and this is far more potent. I’d recommend starting with 10mg/day for a week and upping your dosage to 20mg/day at the maximum.The recommended 30mg/day dosage is overkill and comes with adverse side effects like extreme bloating,lethargy, also your IGF-1 levels will plateau sooner making it less effective in the long run. Be on a smooth cruise and don’t blast your gills out on this. I gained 3kgs of weight(mostly water) in the first week. Running it solo to widen my frame and clavicles and just help with bulking in general. While ending your cycle,don’t go cold turkey, be an a 10mg/day for another week as sudden withdrawl might cause problems with your joints due to the loss of cushioning as your body stops holding water. Great Results btw .

  6. Atharva

    Used this compound for only a month during my bulking period and got amazing results.gained 5 kg of muscle size in only one month to buy for bulking.?️

  7. Tuhin Mukherjee

    I was a little skeptical to be honest at first looking at the price and 90 capsules + Other reviews from YouTube. But it has been a very good experience overall. 0 side effects.Definitely satisfied with the product. Definitely worth buying. Thumbs up from my side.

  8. Deep Das

    I used this product and still using nic and good results, with no side effects.

  9. Mohd jaseem

    Great experience

  10. Pradeep


  11. Vivek

    I gained 10 kg of weight in just 20 days mere strength baut upar chala gaya tha or mujhe kyoi bhi side effect nhi hoyi

  12. Rahul

    I loved the product but my cravings got increased day by day which I don’t like😅

  13. Suraj subba

    I love this product.

  14. Rohan Singh

    I used this mk677 just 10 mg /day from rawrage. My hunger went to insane levels. I finished the bottle in 90 days using just 1 pill a day. My sleep improved, hunger was insane at first then it was some what controllable after 20 days.
    I made significant gains in time. It was mostly water. My body fat didn’t changed though I but after I took this for 90 days, I noticed I have gained 3 kgs permanently and there was slight reduction in fat but I was doing a lot of cardio so that might have helped.
    My skin and hair started looking really good while using this. You feel great on this. It’s definitely great for just health improvement.
    I did blood work after the cycle all values in normal range. Meaning this is actually healthy. igf1 and GH were elevated.
    I will definitely recommend this for bulking but never for cutting. Don’t use this for a cut ever. Since you will eat lot while using this, no way you can restrict calories on this.
    I hope rawrage keeps the same price. I really liked this product. It’s definitely the real mk677 without a doubt.

  15. Johnny

    I give 3 Stars for dis prudct becaz of packaging
    Overall the prudct is gud

  16. Ranga

    Best product for building massive mass.
    The only thing is you have to stay patient to see visible results.
    I used for 2 months and hell yeah its ws just amazing without giving any type of side effects 💪

  17. Ammar

    Used 10 mg for 1st week and 20mg for subsequent weeks . Noticed no change in 2 weeks but MK677 started to hit me hard in the 3rd and 4th week and I went from 88kg to 93kg in just 14 days. hair and skin got improved as I feel it . Good product but according to me it kicked me late but got awesome result but my workout was also super intense and heavy. Thanks rawrage

  18. Arshu

    Amazing is very short compliment for this sarm.
    Dats all i want to say;am in love with this product

  19. Ronit

    Overall its. Gud product for lean development.of mucle mass, looking forward to buy in bulk
    Plz check insta DM

  20. Raghu

    Rawrage mk is best in terms of results and cost.
    Ordered 5 more bottles in their wholesale rates and gave my clients. 5/5 clients got evergreen results.

  21. Raj

    First i thought it’s a scam..raw rage ia fooling the youths with duplicate Products, but when i used mk677 of this it’s literally superb day 3 onwards i feel immense Strength in my body and my appetite increased just as mk677 works in body 👍

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