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S4 Sarms for Ultimate Lean Cutting l 90 Capsules (Research only)

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Warning: All SARMs Information Displayed by RawRage is for Research & Lab purposes only. 

What is S4?

S4 was first developed by GTX Pharmaceuticals. this SARM is generally referred to as Andarine. S4 comes in the category of SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Module Simulators) which is non Steroidal. The best thing about this compound/salt is that its packed with tons of significant benefits like. increasing strength, elevating your fat loss process, builds up good quality muscle mass, and thus gives you a hard granite look. It’s much stronger than other SARM MK2866(Ostarine) in giving you the extreme benefits in terms of results.

Why To Use S4

S4 can somewhat give you similar benefits as comparing it with other injectable and oral Anabolic steroids like Winstrol and Stanazolol.
Many fitness Athletes and even competitors, who fear to inject themselves quite often that's why they go for an easy option to get this salt/compound's benefit by consuming it in tablet form.
It’s used mostly by Athletes in contest prep to harden and sharpen their muscles.

Who can use S4

S4 SARM can be used by both Men and Women.
In Men, S4 can build a significant amount of lean muscle mass, increase your strength levels to a higher extent, helps you in your fat loss phase, and also gives your muscles a drier and a harder look. It is much more strong in terms of results as compared to MK2866 (Ostarine).
In Women, S4 can also give similar benefits of building lean muscle mass While reducing your body fat percentage. It gives the benefits of retaining muscles when you are very low in calories. Women may also notice the Effects of hardening in muscles.


When To Take S4

We know that this SARM provides you with tons and tons of benefits like building muscles while shedding fat at the same time and also gives you a hardening Effect in your muscles by providing immense level in your strength gains It helps you in retaining muscles when you are in a calorie deficit diet. So, let’s discuss these given qualities in the below-mentioned points:

Strength:- With this SARM you can expect higher gains in your strength levels. Taking a dose of 10mg between any time of day and pre /before workout 10mg will give you the desirable results. You can go up to a dosage of 30mg to get better results

How to take S4

Rawrage Enhancement makes this SARM by binding 10mg salt/compound in capsules. So, to get unbelievable results from this SARM you should consume it in 10-30mg capsules dosage of this strong compound.
Exercise Protocol In S4

Building Muscles In-Body:- Whenever you plan to buy or you are very eager to use this for SARM S4 for Lean Gains or to bulk up, then you can make up a proper mindset of doing a good amount of sets with following up a workout pattern of performing 4-6 repetitions in the combination of intense workouts in the gym. You better have a proper workout protocol so that your muscles get pumped up and you feel sore after the gym. Pumping up and soreness is all you need when you consume this SARM. A well-made pattern of performing _Supersets/Drop/Giant Sets/Pyramid/Slow Positives in combination with Slow Negatives and Rest-Pause Principle_ should be taken into consideration.

Required Diet Protocol In S4

  • When you opt for this SARM for muscle-building benefits to building up your physique with a good amount of mass and strength gains then you better make sure that you are consuming calories more than your maintenance calories i.e. going with the concept of Calorie Surplus Diet. You can increase your calories with extra 500kcal (kilocalories).
  • When you are using this SARM for hardening and to show visibility in your veins, then you better make sure that you consume fewer calories than your maintenance calories i.e. Calorie Deficit_i.e. deducting 500 kcal(kilocalories) from your diet pattern.
  • Use of proteins in your diet would be more beneficial to you because the more protein-rich foods you consume, the more protein synthesis you run in your body and thus you get more nitrogen retention in your muscles. The more protein you consume, the less chance of vulnerability in your muscle loss.
  • Another add-on in your diet can be consuming both the simple and complex carbohydrates in your diet in higher amounts will give you the potential results of gaining muscle mass and also you will start to notice that you feel changes in your high strength gains in maximize amount. Consuming carbohydrates in a lesser amount will be more beneficial in reaching the goal of fat loss and reduction in body weight from your body. Make sure that you consume carbohydrates to some extent so that you can work out in the gym for longer durations.
  • For gaining purposes with this SARM, your macronutrient ratio split should be made as Protein- 50% Carbohydrates- 30% and Fats- 20% OR Protein 70% Carbohydrates- 20% and Fats- 10%
  • To shred down excess body fat, your macronutrient ratio should be containing 80% Protein 10% Fats and 10% Carbohydrates.
  • Maintaining and consuming fiber-rich foods in your diet will give you better results of both digestion and fat loss. Example- Isabgol, Vegetables, Flax Seeds, etc.
  • You can also supplement yourself with Glutamine and also Creatine Monohydrate to boost up the benefits.
  • As we know, this SARM also hardens your muscles so a sufficient supply of water should also be monitored so that you can see visibility in your veins.

    Benefits Of Using S4

      • Good Quality of Muscles:- When you go for this compound/salt, you start to notice that your body is making a good amount of quality muscles. S4 doesn't take much time to load in your body. It is far better than using MK2866(Ostarine).
      • Shredding Tons of Body Fat:- By consuming this SARM, you will highly come to notice that you are losing a significant amount of body fat mass and water weight. Thus, giving you the desired results of fat loss.
      • No Aromatization:- It's been found and researched that S4 doesn't aromatize or converts to Estrogen. S4 has been shown with zero Estrogenic Properties so, there less chance of occurring gynecomastia or male boobs in men.
      • Anabolic: Androgenic Ratio:- S4 is quite strong compared to other SARM MK2866(Ostarine) in terms of its anabolic properties. You can expect desirable results with this SARM with fewer side effects. (Androgenic Effects).
      • Dry and Harder Look:- S4 has the properties of Hardening muscles with popping up veins as compared to using Steroids like Winstrol/Stanazolol. It helps you in achieving a defined and harder granite look.

    Common Side Effects:-

    • You may experience vision effect when you consume this salt.
    • You may have difficulty adjusting with your vision at night.

    Post Cycle Therapy Of S4

    • Use Of SERMS (Selective Estrogen Receptor Module Simulators) is generally taken as optional like NOLVADEX (Tamoxifen Citrate) and CLOMID (Clomiphene Citrate) are taken when you come off from MK2866 cycle.
    • To gain maximum benefits and counter any side of side effects by using this SARM, then ON-CYCLE SUPPORT by Rawrage Enhancement will give you each by every ingredient to reduce or minimize the side effects.
    • ON-CYCLE SUPPORT is packed with testosterone support, Liver support, Bone Support, Estrogen blockers, antioxidants, and many more.

      S4 Is Stacked With

      • For building up muscles, S4 is best stacked with LGD4033(Ligandrol or Anabolicum), MK677(Nutrubol/ibutamoren), YK11(Yuichiro/Yucomuporis) and RAD140(Testolone) to increase the Bulking benefits. The more you stack the compounds, the more you see results in yourself.
      • For leaning and getting a harder look, S4 is best stacked with MK2866(Ostarine), LGD4033(Ligandrol), also even with magical cutting enhancer GW501516(Cardarine).You can also buy Bulking, Cutting, Lean Gaining stacks by Rawrage Enhancement which is available for any type of users in rawrage.in

      Is S4 Legal

      • S4 can be sold for research and educational purposes and is available all around the globe. Rawrage Enhancements offer a wide range of SARMs including S4 for such researches."
      • In this present generation, we can easily identify that SARMs can be sold as researched chemicals. Rawrage Enhancement mention in their label as "Use Only For Research Purposes"
      • Raw Materials are imported and are manufactured in industries of Rawrage Enhancement


        With S4 you can expect similar Effects as cycling with Winstrol or stanazolol by Increasing strength, losing fat, and getting a dry hard physique. Use this salt on the mentioned and recommended dosages so that you might avoid the risk of potentially harmful side effects. It is best to give at least 1-2 months or 4-8 weeks gap between cycling with S4 so that you can restore your body back to normal.

        The Products will be conveyed inside 7-8 days in the wake of requesting. The item is typically dispatched inside 2 days of request and clients can follow the request by means of "Track my order" page for the most recent updates.